Finished chains :

  • The Prince of the Stars  (pdf)
  • Un tableau pour deux mondes  (pdf)
  • Mortimer, un chico especial  (pdf)
  • Flutania, la cité des Elfes  (pdf)
  • Il mondo magico  (pdf)
  • O meu tesouro _ My treasure  (pdf)


    The Chain Stories project has created a language friendly environment in which students from 8 to 12 years old can enjoy creative writing in their mother tongue. They write a part of a story and they then pass on their story to other schools, within a chain, for completion.



    All five schools in a chain, teach their pupils through a different language  but within the same European language family, generally from 5 countries. For example, Romance languages, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Occitan.


    The children created part of a story, decoded and comprehended the main ideas of a previous part of the same story from the other schools in the chain. Guidelines on how to write a story are provided in the Teacher’s Guide.



    The project has acted to motivate students to understand how easily they can understand other languages and the advantages of being able to communicate with their peers in other European countries. more


    The project allows an unlimited number of schools to join the project. If you are interested in more information, helping the project or joining a chain, contact us.



    The project has been completed by senior educators with an expertise in language teaching for young learners.